josh2funny’s hilarious performance on america’s got talent

Written by on August 9, 2023



Josh Alfred, a popular Nigerian comedian known as Josh2Funny, appeared on “America’s Got Talent” to showcase his skills to a worldwide audience.

He delighted the audience on the AGT stage with a performance that started with a creative representation of himself first as a ‘speed reader’ ‘Fastest Reader in the World’, then ‘Fastest Rapper in the World’ and finally as a ‘magician’.

He set the mood for a unique performance that would initially puzzle the judges before winning them over with his captivating and hilarious introductions.

Starting off his performance as a ‘speed reader’, Josh Alfred told the judges he could read so many pages within the twinkling of an eye. He explained that he promised his family back in Nigeria that he wasn’t going to leave the US if he didn’t win the one million dollars prize. When asked what he’d do with the money if he won, the funny man claimed he would buy books, causing everyone to erupt with laughter.

Almost kicking off with his first attempt, Josh explained he would be reading three books in a minute. He began by swiftly flipping the pages while making gibberish sounds. The judges were however, not impressed with his act even though it amused the audience.

He left and came back on stage this time as J Hush, claiming to be the ‘fastest rapper in the world’. He was told to proceed which he did and then again got a no from all four judges. Albeit, the audience enjoyed his performance.

He made it to the stage a third time as ‘Terrifying J’, claiming to be a magician. While he climbed up the stage, the audience cheered and applauded.

His third attempt though he didn’t perform any obvious magic, he nonetheless did what he does best, which is make the people have a good laugh. One of the judges opened up, admitted to his humorous nature and love for his personality. Eventually he gave him his first yes and three more yeses on behalf of his other colleagues.

At the end of the day, Josh had the audience all on their feet cheering, jumping as they enjoyed every moment of stage craft.

He set out on a quest to dazzle the AGT judges with his unique talents, fusing his internet notoriety and adaptability and successfully left an indelible mark on the global stage.

As the video gained popularity online, social media users have continued to shower accolades on the comic star for imprinting the country on the world map.

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